A Real Artist

Style and creativity.  I like these things, and I believe most people do.  Being a bit of a snob, my own sensibilities cringe at the mingling of plaids and stripes put together in someone’s attire.  I generally feel ill when I encounter kitsch that is put forward as proper household or exterior decor.  Therefore, I appreciate someone who knows how to put things together in a pleasing and creative manner.  It is especially appreciated when you know well such a creative person:  a real artist (not an artiste).  In this brief posting, let me introduce to you Andrea Fordice.  She is a multitalented artist, and now she adds to her resume, iconographer.  She is parishioner at Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Tacoma, Washington — the parish I am blessed to serve as an assisting priest. Read the rest of this entry »

Icon or Iconoclast?

I recently had the great joy and pleasure of serving at St. Seraphim of Sarov Orthodox Church in Boise, Idaho.  Since it is in the ROCOR jurisdiction it is on the Old Calendar.  So, Sunday, October 25, commemorated the Seventh Ecumenical Council and the Church’s ultimate victory in the Iconoclastic Controversy.  The destruction of icons had officially ended, and the restoration and writing of new icons could begin. Read the rest of this entry »