Fr. Irenaeus

Fr. Irenaeus

Fr. Irenaeus Williams had served as an assisting priest at Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Tacoma, Washington (OCA).  But, as of February 3, 2023 he is now Priest-in-Charge of the St. Sophia (of Rome) Orthodox Mission in Aberdeen, Washington which was established on that day as well.

He came to faith in Christ in an evangelical context while a student at Washington State University’s College of Pharmacy. After briefly pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Florida, he moved back to Washington State to begin his career as a clinical pharmacist. While living in Seattle, he met his wife, Janice, who at the time was in the University of Washington’s School of Nursing. They married in Seattle, then later moved from the city. Fr. Irenaeus and Janice have three children.

While working as a clinical pharmacist, Fr. Irenaeus began theological studies. He received the M. Divinity degree from Regent College, Vancouver, B.C., Canada in 2002. It was while a M. Div. candidate that he, by the grace of God, discovered the Eucharist: the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ. Shortly after this he, by the hand of God, was introduced to the Mother of God, Mary. He knew he could no longer remain a Protestant. He then discovered, also by the grace of God, the Orthodox Church. The Williams family was received into the Orthodox Church February, 2005 by Fr. John Pierce, rector of Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church.

To be ordained, he did a year of special study at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, Crestwood, NY. While at SVOTS, he was ordained a deacon on February 2, 2007 by Bishop Nikon. On September, 9, 2007 he was ordained a priest by Archbishop, then Bishop, Benjamin. Additionally, on June 6, 2021, he was elevated to the dignity of archpriest by Archbishop Benjamin.

As a bi-vocational priest, Fr. Irenaeus continues to work professionally as a clinical pharmacist at an anti-coagulation / diabetes clinic in the general Tacoma, Washington area where he manages/directs both anticoagulation and type 2 diabetes therapies.  He is now, as of December, 2020, nationally board certified in anticoagulation patient care (Certified Anticoagulation Care Provider, or CACP).  On March 10, 2023 he announced his retirement from the profession as of June 2, 2023.

His other interests are guitars and pop music, especially the music of the British Invasion (The Beatles, The Kinks, the Hollies, and The Moody Blues being his favorite bands of the era), but also more contemporary music and bands. He and his wife, along with others who make up their little group, periodically perform at open mic nights in the Tacoma area. He also enjoys reading and cinema, his dogs and cat, baseball and tennis. He has attempted writing speculative fiction, as well as his ongoing compositions of his own songs.

2 Comments on “About”

  1. Basil says:

    It was great to serve with you today at St. Sava’s Serbian Parish. I hope we can do it again sometime. Please keep me in your prayers and you will always be in mine.


  2. BUCK ROGERS says:

    Fr. Irenaeus,

    What a great website. I stumbled upon it while researching guitars (yep, about that time in life again…if I can justify it to the “Missus”!). I appreciate your willingness to share your faith and music. I’m an evangelical who teaches at a Catholic school (and, yep, music is one of my subjects) and a life-long picker who is reading Hahn’s “Lamb’s Supper” for the fourth time this summer. And, ergo, a similar faith journey. Keep up the great work and blessings to you and your family! Buck R. in TN.


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