Interior Landscaping

Rare is the person who cannot appreciate the beauty of nature, especially in its wild, untouched forms and settings.  It is blindness when the beauty of a creature cannot be appreciated.  Such beauty exists in the flower il-flower, the forest, the mountain, the stream, and the animal.  There is the harsh beauty of the desert, and, I suppose, of the arctic as well.  Nature’s gifts of beauty are to be found in all climates, temperate and tropical.  Just step outside, open your eyes and marvel at the creation around you!

There is also a “natural” beauty that is created by human endeavor.  An idea or vision can transform the natural landscape of creation into works of art.   Here, we have the cultivation of something previously barren, or wild, into something habitable and enjoyable, and equally pleasing to the senses.

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A Change of Season – A Reason for Thanksgiving

I love the summer, and I dread its passing.  I try to ignore the signs, but there are too many to ignore.  There are natural witnesses which declare warm, longer day’s passing.  The appearance of one of my favorite flowers, dahlias, announces the close of summer and the coming of autumn.  The appearance of another, smaller bloom, cyclomen, also bears this news of passing and change.  So, all is sealed and set in place.  I cannot stop the orbit of earth around the sun.

acos-dahlia      acos-cyclomen

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