A Real Musician

There are only two kinds of people:  those who are and those who “wanna be”.  Each one of us is a combination of an “is” and a “wanna-be”.  I am many things, but I admire a truly good musician.  I am, so my wife and my instructor tell me, a solid intermediate guitarist.  They both encourage me when they note progress and advancement in my “chops.”  But, I will never be a guitarist of the caliber of a Lindsey Buckingham, Nancy Wilson (of Heart), or The Edge to name just three Guitar Heroes.  I will never come close.  So, in terms of this category of people, i.e. musicians, I’m just a “wanna-be.”  But I know someone who is truly a musician, my guitar instructor, and a family friend.  Let me introduce you to Ann Herring. Read the rest of this entry »