Watership Down Characters – Frith


Richard Adams’ Watership Down is perhaps my favorite work of fiction, and is among my favorite authors. I find the book profound in its message of courage and transformation, and even salvation. It is far more than a novel about human politics. All quotes come from the Perennial Classics print of the book (2001).

I begin my discussion of the characters of Watership Down with Frith because Frith is Creator.  Frith is both rabbit-like and sun-like.  This dual character is seen in the creation narrative in the sixth chapter.  It is relayed by Dandelion to the other rabbits the night they fled from the Sandleford warren.


Long ago, Frith made the world. He made all the stars, too, and the world is one of the stars. He made them by scattering his droppings of the sky and this is why the grass and the trees grow so thick on the world. Frith makes the rivers flow. They follow him as he goes through the sky, and when he leaves the sky they look for him all night. Frith made all the animals and birds, but when he first made them they were all the same…Because the world was new and Frith shone down bright and warm all day (p 27).

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