“The Day of Light”

A Short Story by Fr. Irenaeus Williams

“For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in the heavens, making peace by the blood of his cross”
– St. Paul

With this first report from the journey, allow me to introduce myself: my name is Zetophos. In the Old Language it means “Light Seeker.” My background is that of Taerophos [1] (priest), historian, and auxiliary navigator. I was chosen to serve on this mission in those capacities because of my extensive study of the Day of Light and its historical setting, and my familiarity with flight conditions from limited missions within our solar system.

For worlds unfamiliar with the Day of Light, permit me to describe its history with this simplified account. Approximately two millennia ago events happened which changed our days. Prior to the Day of Light, our world was in great turmoil and danger. We were engaged in global war with hemisphere pitted against hemisphere. The resource wealthy northern continent attempted to secure control of its mineral resources and to reserve its agricultural lands exclusively for use by its own citizens. In doing so it reversed a centuries old practice of leasing land rights to the agriculturalists from the smaller, more densely populated, and resource dependent southern continent. In retaliation the southerners raised import tariffs to unprecedented levels and plunged the northern economy into depression. With unemployment the northerners could not afford the southerners’ industrial products. This, or course, led to a southern depression and massive unemployment. The South could not deal with the stresses of depression, and so, the southerners turned their frustrations against the North. Feeling threatened, the North launched attacks against southern port cities. Our world was plunged into war.

After many calendars [2] of conflict, our world began to buckle and crack under the constant stresses of war. Later wild fires, both naturally occurring, and those ignited by the use of thermal-vapor warheads, scorched vast amounts of land. Not infrequently our skies were darkened, such that midday could not be distinguished from dawn or sunset. Our two moons could not be seen through the immense layers of smoke that hung like suffocating blankets over our heads. Famines broke out in the frontiers of each continent. In many places life was reduced to a nomadic existence where no law held back “behaviors necessary for survival.” Epidemics of terrifyingly virulent and resistant infections swept repeatedly through many urban areas killing as many as died in the fields of battle. Riots plagued cites and even country-sides alike as civilians on both sides demanded foods, medicines, and peace. Their demands were frequently put down with severe force.

Then, in the sixteenth and final calendar of the Intercontinental War, a large southern counter-offensive recaptured territory long held by the North. There was a brutal reprisal by the southern forces against the longtime northern occupiers. At this point, first northern, and then southern military satellite stations, never before brought into the conflict, were armed and posed to fire at their targets. The extinction of all life was at hand.

During these darkest days, massive cloud formations formed in the upper atmospheres. Their immensity and dense nature ushered in gloom and the sense of impending catastrophe. The clouds then brought upon us violent angry winds that whipped and roared over land and water. These brought terror to all the world for six days.

Then on the seventh day, precisely at midday during the Median Day [3] of that calendar and incredible and unexplainable event occurred. The winds abruptly ceased and became a soothing, constant breeze. The clouds dispersed. Then a Light, and intense glowing Light, appeared as it descended and enveloped the entire planet. It was simultaneously light at equatorial extremes and longitudinal poles, and all points in between. It was light everywhere for all twenty-five full-turns of that day. With the Light’s appearance, while the Breeze [3] moved upon the surface of our world, two distinct Voices’ words rang out repeatedly from the skies for all to hear. The first Voice: “He has come!” Then the second Voice: “My Son, my Only Child!”. Then again the first Voice: “He moves on to others!”

The Light and the Voices stunned our world. All activities of war ceased. Individuals fell to the ground as if dead. They wept. There was silence. There was incapacitation and stupor. Perplexity and fear gave way to despair as the aftermath of war was taken in by all. Despair gave way to sorrow. Sorrow gave way to longing for hope, peace, and life. Longing gave way to action as led by a northerner and Taerophos of the once ignored, and obscure Faith named Sunaxon [5]. Actions made peace. And peace gave life. And life gave joy. Joy continued as our world began to be rebuilt and restored. Joy persisted as communities and families were reunited. Joy was sustained when former enemies embraced in forgiveness. Then Sunaxon was installed as the third Proto-Taerophos of the Faith.

After the initial euphoria subsided, we began to ponder and dwell upon the significance of the Day of Light. Its occurrence cannot be disputed. Thousands of recordings, visual and audio, were made and preserved. Similar numbers of private journals are extant that lend their witness to the Day. Observational satellites noted the event as well, and those pointed out to space recorded data that can only be interpreted to describe the Light moving as a wave toward a single point in remote space. These are the facts of our history.

With the exception of a large island grouping off the west coast of the North Continent, the geographical home of the Faith, our world never had been overly religious. Even the great majority of the ancient primitive cults viewed the events of nature, the cycles and systems of the heavens, the land, and waters as primarily natural phenomena. Their importance related to their effect on the communities’ lives, or the lives of significant individuals of those ancient communities. We were not given to ecstasies and manias. We were a materialistic people: only what could be seen, felt, smelled and known by our senses existed.

But all was changed by that Day. The unexplainable brought about tangible changes of profound good to all people and institutions of our world. Minds that once passionately investigated the workings of our world and the skies above us became also the minds of philosophers, theologians, and poets. Every person pondered and debated with neighbor the meaning of the Day of Light. Whole communities met and discussed its meaning, and contacted other communities to have further, more extensive discussions. How were they to live their lives, and what, or Who, was this that so dramatically and permanently changed us? Sunaxon and other Taerophotoi [6] called leaders and representatives from every community from both continents to to meet together to determine how we should best understand and relate to the Light and the two Voices. These Persons were pointed to, prophetically, by the Faith’s ancient, guiding Texts, liturgies, and hymns. The proceedings of the College of Light, as it came to be called, were faithfully followed in every community of our world.

As the College of Light engaged in its process of discernment, and as they reviewed the recordings and their personal experiences, it became evident that the Light was, at the least, the manifestation of a Being, or better, a Person: it was not simply an anomalous natural phenomenon. The Voices referred to the Light, or the Person manifested by the Light. It was also concluded that the relationship of the second Voice to the Light was that of a Parent since the phrase, “My Son, My Only Child,” was unmistakably heard. Additionally, the Breeze, was determined to be both the Person of the first Voice, and Agent that prepared the Light’s manifestation.

The College of Light also concluded that the Light moved to a single distant point in space, and was the intended target. Though our world was not the ultimate target for the Light’s manifestation and movement, our world was somehow included and invited to share in that purpose. Our limited experience of any greater purpose was intentional. A transcript passage reads,

“We who assembled joyfully and resolutely conclude that by the manifestation of the Light and the Voices we were brought into relationship with these Persons as friends and family. By the Voices and the Light we were delivered from self-destruction, selfishness, and all that can hide in darkness. Though we were not the ultimate destination of the Light, we were not excluded from the Light’s, and the Voices’, intended purposes. In these purposes we also benefit. Because of our inclusion in the Day of Light, as witnesses and co-beneficiaries, we may conclude that we share also in relationship with those to whom the Light came…We are from here on to be ever grateful to the Light, and the Voices. We are to continue to seek relationship with Them and all with whom they have relationship. We are to be ever rejoicing that we were so privileged to be considered friends and relatives, and were delivered from wrong’s darkness…We are to live in accordance with this great expression of love and mercy.” [7]

Upon the reception of the declarations of the College of Light, there was worldwide celebration. Our world now focused on the Persons of the Day of Light, and on the Day itself. Literature in prose and poem was written about the Day of Light, the Light and the Voices. These are still our world’s most beautiful examples of literature. Art and drama also were created to celebrate the Day of Light. Much scientific endeavor was turned to the investigation of it, and the study of the Light’s target, and (though impossible at that time) to make the attempt to journey to that point in remote space. Economic, educational, and other institutions were permanently reorganized to be in compliance with the declarations of the College of Light. Temples of Light, buildings in continuation of the traditions of the Faith, were built in every community to be places where expressions of love and gratitude to the Light and the Voices could be offered via the liturgies of worship. Here, too, the communities gathered annually for the Feast of Light, the festival to celebrate and commemorate the Day of Light.

Then, thirty-one calendars [8] after the Day of Light, two equally significant supernatural events occurred. Forceful early morning Wind, reminiscent of those which preceded the Day of Light, grew into a mournful wail. Soon after, a darkness descended and blanketed our planet. Anxious communities stopped their work and activities, and most hurried to their Temples of Light. On the other side of the world those asleep were awakened by the wail of the Wind. The subsequent news spread, and they, too, joined their communities in the global vigil. As the darkness held, it was said to become almost palpable. One of the Voices cried out in sorrow, “My Son, my only Child!” The Wind moaned in anguish, and our world wept bitterly. Then, a new Voice cried out, “It is finished!” There was one final exhalation by the Wind. Then slowly, after nine full-turns, the darkness lifted. Communities remained in vigil as the Sacred Texts, poems, and prose were read. Taerophotoi, together with the overwhelming swell of people in the Temples, began to speak words of consolation to the saddened Voice. He was welcomed to mourn with them. These were our first spontaneous prayers to the Father, as he became affectionately and reverently known, after he called out in grief for his Son and only Child.

The Vigil had lasted forty full-turns when a burst of brilliant light flashed across the sky. This light hovered, even “danced,” above and around our world for nearly a full-turn, and then it dissipated out into space. Again, observational satellites recorded this second manifestation of the Light, and located its point of origin – the very same point in space to which the Light originally moved! For the last time Voices were heard by our world. The Father spoke first joyfully repeating his, “My Son, My Only Child!” Then the new, or third, Voice was heard as a gentle Breeze refreshed us. It was, again, clearly distinct from the other two Voices, and it spoke in triumph, “I live, and you share in my life! I have redeemed all things: they and you are loved and are mine and, the Father’s and the Breath’s. Now wait in peace until you see my light again!” [9]

There you have our sacred history. Now allow me to bring you into the present, some 2,000 calendars after the events of the Darkness and the Dawn. One can imagine that much has happened over the course of all those calendars. Our world is still faithfully living in relationship with the three Voices: Father, Light, and Breath. (Though there have been waxing and waning in that faithfulness.)

As mentioned before, a result of the Day of Light was that it was intended to seek the Light’s ultimate target. Thirty calendars ago our technology, together with a chance discovery, brought us to the place where such a journey could be possible. Though not a physicist, I will attempt to explain in my own clumsy manner. We discovered anomalies we called “pressed spaces” in distant space (though they could exist anywhere in space). In other words, vast distances are suddenly “compressed” together. The pressed spaces join these distances together in a way that the vast distance can be traveled in very short periods of time. At approximately the same time, huge breakthroughs in electromagnetic technologies were achieved. First, it was discovered that unimaginable surges in electromagnetic pulses could draw space together in a manner similar in nature to the pressed spaces. About a decade later, unmanned vessels “armed” with electromagnetic generators produced actual pressed spaces, then passed across the compressed distance. We then learned to manifest pressed spaces to reach a desired targets. Space travel of unbelievable distances was now possible!

The journey to the Light’s ultimate target has begun. Though its genesis was not with its controversies. With the advance of travel by generated pressed spaces, it was evident that this mission was now possible. But, our world was caught up with the “could” it did not ask the “should” until concerned individuals raised their voices in disapproval. Those opposed to this mission reminded us that the Light told us to wait. Those for the mission reminded us that the College of Light intended such travel, and the Light did not tell us how to wait. This controversy nearly destroyed our unity. To resolve the tensions, Taerophotoi called for world-wide prayer, fasts, and reading of our sacred, the translated transcripts of the College of Light, and the writings of the Tradition Teachers. This led to the convening of a special Tradition Council. No decision on the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the mission was determined. Only the need of maintained unity was confirmed. Thus, no mission was undertaken.

Then five calendars ago a deep space probe, actually seeking out mineral rich asteroids, recorded transmissions from the region of the Light’s ultimate target! Were these the voices of our friends? Being a curious race the mission was given permission to proceed.

This brings me to the close of my first transmission from my cabin aboard the vessel Friendship. We are closing the fifth day of this mission. Aboard Friendship, as with those awaiting this transmission at our home, there are many conflicting feelings. Beyond the dangers and worries surrounding the nature of this unprecedented adventure, we are excited at the prospect of encountering our distant friends who share in our relationship with the Voices. Yet, there is doubt about what we may, or may not find. For it was on this world that the Light obviously encountered death. It was this world which caused the Father’s and the Breath’s terrible grief. Yet too, it was this world to which the Light particularly traveled, where the Light received his new life, and then from there revealed his joy and triumph to us. And, again, it is this world to which our future hope is pinned and held in pledge. For the Light will again deal with this world, and we await this second Day of Light in eager expectation. We all hope for the best, yet we are prepared for a reality which may, in the end, produce only profound disappointment.

All who receive this transmission are invited to follow all of our transmissions and wait for the outcome of this mission, as we all await the coming of the Light! I conclude with a prayer of the beloved Tradition Teacher, Dorophos:

“O loving Father, O Light of Life, O gracious Breath, we give thanks, we praise you, we wonder at your glory. For you sought us out and delivered us from darkness by the giving of the Light. By the Light you have made us, and all that exists, your beloved possession in freedom. May we await the promised event of a new coming of the Light in patience, wisdom, and loving thankfulness as we exist under the care of the Breath, in the Life of the Light, and by your love, O Father. Let this be so.”

* * * * *

[1] Taerophos, in the Old Language, means “keeper of light.”
[2] Calendar is the common term for a year, or one revolution around our star, or 380 days.
[3] Our calendar is divided into four parts, each coinciding with the solar equinoxes and solstices. Median Day is the corresponding second solstice of the hemispheres and had been marked as a holiday with international sporting events, and ironically celebrated intercontinental cooperation and peace.
[4] The Breeze is one name. Synonymous terms are the Wind, and now, almost exclusively, the Breath, or the Breath of the Father.
[5] Sunaxon means “gathering together.”
[6] The plural of Taerophos
[7] The College of Light I, Declarations Concerning the Day of Light, vol. III, cha 2, 4.
[8] We now know this to be 33 calendars on the world to which the Light came and encountered.
[9] These events were called the Darkness and the Dawn. They resulted in two more Colleges of Light. The most significant declaration of the third College was that the Father, the Light (or Son/Child), and the Breath, though three distinct Persons, were united in essence and purpose as one absolute Being.

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